The Gal's Halloween Extravaganzas


Day 1:
Among the Stacks with Lily Luchesi
Lily Luchesi Guest Post - Scared Sleepless

Day 2:
Among the Stacks with Trista Borgwardt
Trista Borgwardt Guest Post - All Hallow's Horror
Stevie Kopas Guest Post - Can't Miss Top Ten Picks

Day 3:
Among the Stacks with Kurt Schuett
Kurt Schuett Guest Post - Bulkhead Doors

Day 4:
Among the Stacks with Lee Thompson
Mary Fan Guest Post - Monster Factory

Day 5:
Among the Stacks with Russell James
Russell James Guest Post - America's Post-Apocalyptic Preview

Day 6:
Among the Stacks with Guy Portman
Matt Drabble Guest Post - What Scares This Horror Author

Day 7:
Among the Stacks with Jaime Johnesee
Jaime Johnesee Guest Post - Why Leaving Reviews Is So Important
S. Kay Nash Guest Post - Don't Fear the Editor

Day 8:
Among the Stacks with Craig Saunders
Kevin Ikenberry Guest Post - My Own Personal Horror

Day 9:
Among the Stacks with H.E. Goodhue
H.E. Goodhue Guest Post - Hostages of Halloween

Day 10:
Among the Stacks with L.F. Falconer
L.F. Falconer Guest Post - Why Do We Chase Fear?

Day 11:
Among the Stacks with Ronald Kelly
Steve Bynum Guest Post

Day 12:
Among the Stacks with Martin Berman-Gorvine
Martin Berman-Gorvine Guest Post - From Suzy Mitchell's Secret Diary

Day 13:
Among the Stacks with Kit Power
Among the Stacks with Rich Hawkins

Day 14:
Among the Stacks with James Newman
I. Clayton Reynolds Guest Post - Horror

Day 15:
Among the Stacks with S.G. Lee
Among the Stacks with James A. Moore
James A. Moore Guest Post - Grease Painted Smile

Day 16:
Among the Stacks with Tim Miller
E.M. MacCallum Guest Post - Halloween Blues?

Day 17:
Among the Stacks: Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason
Among the Stacks: Jay Wilburn
Jay Wilburn Guest Post - Finding New Ways to be Bad

Day 18:
Among the Stacks with John R. Little
Jason White Guest Post - Old Time Radio for Halloween
Brett Williams Guest Post - Am I the Only Horror Writer Who Hates Halloween?

Day 19:
Among the Stacks with William Meikle
Among the Stacks with Steven Wolff
Evangeline Jennings Guest Post - Of Monsters & Men

Day 20:
Among the Stacks with Keith Deininger
Keith Deininger Guest Post - Memories of Halloween from a Dark Fiction Writer
Glenn Rolfe Guest Post - What's in a Name?

Day 21: 
Among the Stacks with Kristopher Rufty
Josh Pritchett Guest Post - Ed Gein: Father of Monsters!

Day 22:
Tamara Jones Guest Post - The Dark Side of Humanity

Day 23:
Among the Stacks with Matt Shaw
Gabino Iglesias Guest Post - Real Ghosts?

Day 24:
Gregor Xane Guest Post - Halloween Outfits & Xenophiles

Day 25:
Among the Stacks with Phillip Tomasso
Phillip Tomasso Guest Post - I Am One of the Infected
Among the Stacks with Glenn Rolfe

Day 26:
Among the Stacks with Chris Garrett
Chris Garrett Guest Post - Horror Movies Re-Imagined, Reboots & Remakes
Jon Jefferson Guest Post - Thoughts on Horror

Day 27:
Among the Stacks with Jeff Strand
Ian McClellan Guest Post - Why Halloween Rules & a Short Story
Tonia Brown Guest Post - I Remember Halloween

Day 28:
Among the Stacks with Greg F. Gifune
Adam Light Guest Post - Trick 'em All

Day 29:
Among the Stacks with Iain Rob Wright
Evans Light Guest Post - Dream of Halloween

Day 30:
Among the Stacks with Tim Curran
Stephen Kozeniewski Guest Post - The Ghoul Archipelago Book Trailer

Day 31:
Among the Stacks with Kealan Patrick Burke
Jonathan Janz's Guest Post - Halloween as Therapy

Day 2:  Among the Stacks with Austin Crawley
Day 3:  Among the Stacks with C.R. Richards
Day 4:  Among the Stacks with Jonathan Edward Ondrashek
Day 5:  Among the Stacks with Jim Goforth
Day 6:  Among the Stacks with Wendy Terrien
Day 7:  Among the Stacks with I. Clayton Reynolds
Day 8:  Among the Stacks with Amber Fallon
Day 9:  Lily Luchesi - Life Sentence Outtakes
Day 10:  Among the Stacks with A.S. Chambers
Day 11:  Jon Jefferson - Black Coffee
Day 12:  Among the Stacks with Liv Hadden
Day 13:  Among the Stacks with Mike Duke
Day 14:  Among the Stacks with Shaun Hupp
Day 15:  Jason White - Surviving the Fittest: The Story of Charlie & Cindy
Day 16:  Among the Stacks with Christine Morgan
Day 17:  Stephen Kozeniewski - An interview with Cicatrice from Hunter of the Dead
Day 18:  Stevie Kopas - The Breadwinner Trilogy & Second Thoughts
Day 19:  Among the Stacks with Chris Kosarich
Day 20:  Among the Stacks with Matt Hickman
Day 21:  Among the Stacks with Phil Sloman
Day 22:  Among the Stacks with Alistair Rennie
Day 23:  Among the Stacks with Scott M. Baker
Day 24:  Among the Stacks with Dev Jarrett
Day 25:  Among the Stacks with Michael James McFarland
Day 26:  Among the Stacks with David A. Riley
Day 27:  Among the Stacks with Kody Boye
Day 28:  Among the Stacks with Amanda M. Lyons
Day 29:  Among the Stacks with Ross Baxter
Day 30:  Among the Stacks with David Owain Hughes
Day 31:  Among the Stacks with Kyle M. Scott

Day 32:  Christmas Takeover 1: Scott M. Baker Deck the Malls
Day 33:  Christmas Takeover 2: Amber Fallon Dying Hard
Day 34:  Christmas Takeover 3: The Sisters of Slaughter Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Day 35:  Christmas Takeover 4: Lily Luchesi Christmas Harvest
Day 36:  Christmas Takeover 5: Austin Crawley The Wish List
Day 37:  Christmas Takeover 6: Chris Kosarich Hellf
Day 38:  Christmas Takeover 7: Michael James McFarland Ted, Nolan & Me
Day 39:  Christmas Takeover 8: Ross Baxter Genealogy 
Day 40:  Christmas Takeover 9: Craig Saunders Another Painted Bauble Falling from a Dead Tree
Day 41:  Christmas Takeover 10: Jon M. Jefferson A Mother's Gift
Day 42:  Christmas Takeover 11: I. Clayton Reynolds Duck Man
Day 43:  Christmas Takeover 12: Carol Schaffer Deck the Halls with Blood & Bodies
Day 44:  Christmas Takeover 13: Christine Morgan Winter Wolf
Day 45:  Christmas Takeover 14: Jason White Asleep & Without Peace
Day 46:  Christmas Takeover 15: Russell R. James Snow for Christmas
Day 47:  Christmas Takeover 16: Dev Jarrett Jimmy Alstrup's Christmas
Day 48:  Christmas Takeover 17: Kevin J. Kennedy Merry Fuckin' Christmas
Day 49:  Christmas Takeover 18: Matt Hickman The Naughty List
Day 50:  Christmas Takeover 19: Martin Berman-Gorvine Slay Bells
Day 51:  Christmas Takeover 20: Luke Gracias The Gateway to Hell
Day 52:  Christmas Takeover 21: Chris Kosarich Night of the North Pole Zombies
Day 53:  Christmas Takeover 22: Shaun Hupp Needful Things
Day 54:  Christmas Takeover 23: Stephen Kozeniewski Christmas Microfiction
Day 55:  Christmas Takeover 24: Jonathan Janz Another Reason for Horror Fans to be Thankful
Day 56:  Christmas Takeover 25: Evans Light A special gift for his fans
Day 57:  Christmas Takeover 26: John McNee The Tag
Day 58:  Christmas Takeover 27: Jon M. Jefferson All That Glitters
Day 59:  Christmas Takeover 28: Martin Berman-Gorvine Festival of Lights
Day 60:  Christmas Takeover 29: Glenn Rolfe Welcome to Paradise
Day 61:  Among the Stacks with Lisa Vasquez
Day 62:  Christmas Takeover 30: Stevie Kopas

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